As a business it’s important the safety of your vehicles is second to none, and this means regular checks, training and choosing only the highest quality motors for your fleet.Continue Reading

You see many celebrities and rich business men and women driving around in their expensive cars with a personalised plate, but they are not just for the rich people in society. Everyone can buy a private plate; you can spend as much or as little as you want. Buying aContinue Reading

The much-anticipated new Mercedes C-Class, now available to order at L&L Automotive, combines a muscular body, a sense of elegance and enhanced performance to create a vehicle that is designed to exceed expectations. More efficient engines provide exceptional fuel mileage, while Airmatic suspension provides an unparalleled ride. Inside, an impressiveContinue Reading

eBay Motors BTCC 2013 620x277

We all get quiet moments during the day, and during mine I’m invariably drawn to eBay to browse cars to fill up both my virtual and real shed. I set the price limit to a maximum of £500 and scroll through what cars are available. Sometimes that means that IContinue Reading

Honda started producing its own diesel engine for the UK in 2003, something that many other manufacturers had long thought was an essential offering in the European car market. Some would say that that is quite late, but the newcomer – once it finally arrived – was built to anContinue Reading

Ford Focus Park Assist 2011 665x297

Modern automotive technology is fantastic. There may be plenty of claims that ‘things were better back in my day’ but, quite frankly, that is not true. Back in my day, whenever that was, you were lucky to get an FM radio in your new car. Now there are digital DABContinue Reading