Renault Twingo 1998 620x277

Running a car on a tight budget is not a difficult thing to do. It’s something I make a hobby of (I know…) and have got through a long list of incredibly undesirable and unreliable cars, from a Renault Safrane to a Lancia Dedra. People do tend to ask howContinue Reading

I’ve written frequently about bangernomics, the principle of buying embarrassingly cheap cars and running them for as long as possible without spending anything. For the best part of six years, me and my far better half Samantha have been driving around in sub £500 motors without any issue. It worksContinue Reading

It’s been a busy year at Front Seat Driver, with the site evolving as we learn exactly what it is that drives people to read these pages.Continue Reading

Naples is a noisy, crowded, dirty city. There’s an underlying tension in the air that leaves you with the impression that something is going to happen at any moment, and it probably won’t be good. There’s not a single car without a dent, including taxis, as there’s a mentality thatContinue Reading

As I write this I’m sitting on a Lufthansa flight to Munich, ready to drive the new Lexus GS. That made me think about the last time I saw a GS on the road and I honestly can’t remember. The very first GS was a car I lusted after, especiallyContinue Reading

We’re officially back in recession, with the government announcing a double dip that sounds rather exciting and makes me wish I was on the roller coasters at Alton Towers.Continue Reading

One of the downsides of running a fleet of bangers is that occasionally they’ll go wrong. That leaves you in the very tricky position of trying to decide whether to spend any money at all on a problem or simply disposing of the car.Continue Reading