Can the Best of British defeat the endless onslaught from Germany? Ben Thorpe tries the Jaguar XF and finds out… Now that Jaguar has finished the important business of separating its current model line up from memories of the X & S Types, rounding out the saloon models with theContinue Reading

Jaguar XJ8 1998 620x277

When I was in my late teens I absolutely adored the shape of the Jaguar XJ. That expansive bonnet stretching toward the quartet of headlamps was perfectly proportioned and the retro looks underlined the brand’s heritage without feeling contrived. Compared to its self-consciously and aggressively forward-looking German contemporaries, I thoughtContinue Reading

Jaguar F-Type V6 S Coupe2014 620x277

People want different things from cars. Some want outright practicality, at the expense of style. Others prefer economy, at the expense of style. For some it’s all about company car tax bills. There are quite a few that just want their cars to look good though and they’ll put upContinue Reading

Jaguar XJ 2013 665x297

In an age of downsizing and economising it’s always a thrill to discover a car that’s able to engender the sensation of an event – the feeling that stepping inside is not purely taking a seat in some transport to the office but removing yourself from the world around you,Continue Reading