Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde 2014 620x277

If you’re waiting for a hot Cloverleaf version of the newly-facelifted Giulietta, then you’ll be disappointed. Alfa Romeo is dropping the Anglicised name, instead insisting that the fastest models are now labelled as Quadrifoglio Verde. This would be fine, if they hadn’t just dropped evocative model designations such as TurismoContinue Reading

Alfa Romeo 4C 2014 620x277

“Perhaps a little earlier on the brakes there,” calmly suggested my chaperone as I threw the new Alfa Romeo 4C off the tarmac at pretty significant speed. I’d been invited to the Isle of Man to put the 4C through its paces, although not on the infamous Snaefell Mountain Course.Continue Reading

Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013 665x297

As Alfa Romeo’s first supermini since the demise of the Alfasud in 1989, the MiTo has a lot to achieve. Not only does it have to bring people to the struggling brand but when they get there it has to be every bit as good as its Mini and FiatContinue Reading