Badge engineering at its finest; the only difference between this Fiat Talento and the Renault Trafic it’s based on is the badge. Should still you buy one?Continue Reading

It’s understandable to assume that no car could possibly fit the city mould well. After all, the best driving conditions can’t be found there, and the cars themselves can contribute to a whole host of issues. Heavy traffic, flaring tempers and a constant flow of citywide pollution means that mostContinue Reading

Fiat 500X 2015 620x277

The motor industry can be a funny place at times. Six months ago I popped over to Italy to drive a new Fiat but spent more time in presentations or on a bus than I did behind the wheel of their car. Cynically, I did immediately wonder why that was.Continue Reading

Fiat Panda 100HP 2006 620x277

For anyone who cares about driving there should always be an appeal to basic, light, low power transport marketed toward fun. The kind of thing that harks back to the original Mini but is increasingly hard to find in these days of driving aids and airbags to cater for everyContinue Reading

Fiat Panda Cross 2014 620x277

The Fiat Panda 4×4 just wasn’t man enough for Fiat, so they’ve taken the car, bolted on all manner of plastic bits to the bodywork and beefed up its off-road credentials. The result is the Panda Cross, a car that can apparently tackle any road you throw at it. ThatContinue Reading

Fiat Panda Cross 2014 620x277

This is Fiat’s brand new Panda Cross, revealed here ahead of its debut at Geneva’s motor show next month. Based on chunky Panda 4X4, the Cross offers combines torque-on-demand all-wheel drive with electronic stability control, an electronic locking differential and hill descent control to create something with enough high techContinue Reading

A few weeks ago I wrote a column suggesting there won’t be a better time to buy or lease a new car for some time. In there I mentioned the fact that there are some European manufacturers struggling to balance supply, demand and profits, with at least one at death’sContinue Reading

The well regarded and much loved Fiat Panda (especially in the 100HP variant) is being replaced this month, and Fiat have clearly taken the decision not to alienate existing customer, with the new model being visually very similar to the outgoing car.Continue Reading

A motorhome is a fantastic way to slash on the cost of living and to gain a valuable sense of freedom in the process. If you’re considering making the investment, it’s important to go in with your eyes open, and thereby avoid nasty surprises further along the line. So whereContinue Reading