SPONSORED  DVSA Advises Motorists to Book Their MOT “as Soon as Possible”

Life is very tentatively returning to some form of normality in the UK with kids returning to schools and many people returning to work. One area which motorists need to keep in mind is their MOT as these were previously put on hold and those that had expiring MOTs within the 6 month extension period were given the option to delay their test to later in the year.

An Expected Increase in Demand

This extension has now passed and this means that many motorists will be looking to get their MOT booked in along with the many other motorists that will soon be due. The DVSA has advised that bookings should be made “as soon as possible” to try and beat the expected rush over the coming months, especially for those that are due in September, October and November.

Backlog To Catch up On

Figures from the DVSA revealed that up to 5 million cars were not tested as a result of the pandemic so it could be an extremely busy few months at MOT centres around the country with bookings predicted to increase by a staggering 70% in some areas. Additionally, with more people working from home, it means that it will be hard to say when these centres will be quieter which is another reason to get booked in as soon as possible.

33% Fail Rate

Failure to get your car tested could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and further fines if the car is found to be unsafe. When you consider that 33% of cars fail on their first test, it means that there will be a lot of unsafe automobiles out there on the road. This means that you may want to think about getting your car ready for the MOT beforehand by performing basic maintenance tasks and getting any issues taken care of.

Getting Your Car Ready

To get your car ready, you need to know what the main reasons that automobiles fail are. There are many reasons why a car might fail both big and small, such as light issues, problems with the mirrors, wipers and washers and tyre issues. Tyre issues are particularly prevalent and if you have tyre damage or the tread depth is below 1.6mm then you should look into buying new tyres for your car to pass its MOT.

MOT slots will be much harder to book in the coming months and it has been recommended that you book yours in sooner rather than later now that the extension has passed. You certainly will not want to get caught out by being unable to book, which would make it both illegal and potentially unsafe to drive your car, so getting booked in now is intelligent and should give you more flexibility in terms of availability.