Why a Tracker Could Be Perfect This Winter

Any time of the year is an important one to invest in a tracker, but none more so than the winter period. Companies such as Fit My Tracker recognise the importance of staying safe over winter and that is why there is a multitude of trackers available for purchase this cold January. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a tracker could be perfect this winter.

Theft Rates Increase at Winter Time

It is not just Santa Claus that creeps in and around your house in the winter. Unfortunately, it is quite likely that criminals will be doing the same thing. Theft rates soar through the roof due to families splashing cash and thus providing thieves with more opportunities. Not only is theft more common during the festive period, but the number of winter thefts is constantly increasing. Across the last two Christmases, thefts were up 22% from 12,398 thefts to 15,000 – a staggering increase.

This is the prime reason why a tracker is perfect this wintertime. If you’re relaxing in your toasty front room and sipping on a mulled wine or whiskey, you wouldn’t have a clue if a thief had driven off with your car. However, trackers have Interpol ICPO assistance, meaning your vehicle will be monitored 24 hours a day with the help of real-time tracking. Therefore, no matter the time of day, you will be immediately notified if your car unexpectedly moves. Also, you can locate the exact whereabouts of your car so you can retrieve it and enjoy your pride and joy once more. Here are a few other tips to keep your car safe through the winter:

  • Park in a secure, well-lit area.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in your car, (if you must then leave them in the boot.)
  • Shut windows and lock the doors immediately after leaving your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave your car with the engine running to warm it up.
If Your Child Has Just Passed Their Driving Test

Contrary to popular belief, teenagers don’t mind having a tracker on their car. They actually think it gives them more freedom rather than it restricting them. A tracker on your child’s vehicle provides multiple advantages – one of which being that their car insurance will become much lower. You don’t need to wait until Christmas day to provide them with a tracker, as the present lasts all year round and they’ll benefit by paying significantly less for their insurance.

Not only will financial costs be reduced, but you will find it easier to trust your child when they are driving due to being able to see what times and where they are driving. This will allow peace of mind for both parent and child alike, contributing towards a relaxed driving experience. For new drivers, the opportunity to prove themselves as responsible behind the wheel is vital, and a tracker this winter will allow them to do so.

For Your Young Child

A tracker is a perfect gift for any child of a young age as they provide the reassurance and convenience of a phone but without the antisocial disadvantages. Every parent worries about losing their child and thankfully a tracker will provide you with peace of mind. It is not just you who benefits from the tracker – there are multiple benefits for your child also:

  • With just one press of a button, your child can talk to you wherever they may be. Therefore, if your child is ever scared or lost, the problem will be solved instantaneously.
  • Kids trackers often include a music player, teaching them about music from an early age.
  • Games are often included on a kid’s tracker, providing them with fun and excitement over the winter period.
  • The trackers don’t have screens and thus don’t provide the children with antisocial traits.
  • They come as GPS wearables so your child can pick and choose where they want to attach the tracker.
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