20 New Cars Coming in 2020

The year has barely started and already there are countless cars lined up to be launched in 2020. Here’s our selection of 20 of the most important new models you’ll see this year…

Alfa Romeo Tonale – Late 2020

Every new Alfa promises to be the car to save the company, and the Tonale SUV is no different. Bang on trend, it should do well, but Alfa Romeo has a habit of clutching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The first new cars 2020 is the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV
Aston Martin DBX – February 2020

Aston’s future depends on the DBX, so it’s got to be good. It’s built a new factory in Wales to cope with the expected demand for 10,000 sales a year. Feedback from early prototype drives is very good.

Audi A3 – March 2020

The A3 has been a big hit for Audi, and it expects the new one to continue that trend, despite the rise of SUVs. The estate-like Sportback will arrive first, but there’s also a hatchback, a swoopy saloon model coming, ensuring the car remains fresh for a few years. Expect petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid ‘e-tron’ models of each.

Chevrolet Corvette – Late 2020

Sales of the Ford Mustang are strong in the UK, so Chevrolet’s going to have yet another crack at the right-hand drive market with its budget supercar. The 500hp mid-engined model should rival Ferrari’s 488 but at less than half the price.

New cars 2020 includes Chevrolet's Corvette
Dacia Sandero – Autumn 2020

The new Renault Clio is a lovely car, and the new Dacia Sandero is going to borrow most of the mechanical bits. It’ll be less well equipped, use less pleasant materials inside, and probably be a little less stylish, but prices will remain low and it should be good to drive. Bargain motoring without being budget.

Ford Mustang Mach-E – Late 2020

If there’s ever a name that doesn’t belong on an SUV, and an electric one at that, it’s Mustang. Still, Ford feels the new model will be dynamic enough to warrant the name, and appeal to buyers on an emotional level, as the V8-powered sports car does. We get a look at it in February, but sales won’t start until the end of the year.

Ford Puma – March 2020

If you’ve got fond memories of the fun two-door coupe from the 90s, put them aside. The Puma’s now a small five-door SUV, but Ford is promising some clever touches to make it more practical than its rivals, including a deep hole in the boot for golf clubs to stand up in.

Honda e – Summer 2020

Possibly the cutest car to arrive in 2020, Honda’s diminutive little ‘e’ will be a pure electric city car with a modest 136-mile range. A high-tech interior, fun touches and excellent handling promise to make the £26,000 asking price tolerable.

New cars 2020 includes the cute Honda e
Honda Jazz – Summer 2020

Hold on, don’t leave yet. Yes, the Jazz is arguably one of the most boring cars you could buy but, and you’ll have to trust me on this, it’s actually really good. The new car for 2020 will bring in more practical changes and money-saving tech, but perhaps what it really needs is a hot sports version?

Jeep Gladiator – Spring 2020

If the Jeep Wrangler wasn’t quite big enough or American enough for you, there’s talk that the Gladiator might just be coming to the UK. It’s much the same as the QWrangler, with an enormous pickup bed attached to the back. At almost six metres long, it might not be ideal transport for Cambridge city centre, but it’ll be unstoppable everywhere else.

The Jeep Gladiator is one of the biggest new cars for 2020
Kia Soul EV – April 2020

There are countless electric cars arriving in the next year or two. Kia’s already got the impressive but slightly dull e-Niro SUV, but it’s taking the planet-saving power train from it and putting it into a stylish crossover that’ll cost less than an equivalent Nissan Leaf and go farther on a single charge. 

Nissan Qashqai – Late 2020

This might just roll into 2021, but Nissan will be hoping to get the new Qashqai out as soon as possible. While it’s still selling well, the explosion in demand for SUVs means that every manufacturer has a rival, and many of them improve over Nissan’s ageing model. With no other new models for 2020, Nissan’s short-term fortunes rely on getting this one right.

Polestar 2 – July 2020

The Polestar 1 combines Swedish style with hybrid-powered supercar performance, but also with a £135k price tag. The Volvo sub-brand’s second car follows a more sensible family-car style, but drops the petrol engine entirely for pure electric power. Tesla’s Model 3 is its target.

Rolls-Royce Ghost – Mid 2020

It’s not quite the height of luxury – that’s reserved for the Rolls-Royce Phantom – but the ‘baby’ Rolls has always been the one you want to drive rather than be driven in. Expect cutting-edge technology, hybrid power, four-wheel-drive, a sumptuous ride, supercar performance and lambswool carpets an inch thick.

SEAT Leon – Mid 2020

Bigger, better, bolder. Every manufacturer makes the same claims with each new model, but SEAT’s on something of a roll right now, making cars that are distinctive but desirable enough to sell more than ever before. The Leon has shifted a million units to date, which puts some pressure on the new model.

Skoda Octavia – Summer 2020

No longer a budget brand, the new Octavia is a chiselled saloon-style model that’s as sophisticated as a Ralph Lauren suit. Skoda’s upped its game inside too, with armchair-rivalling comfort, improved technology, and more space than any of its rivals. It could out-Golf the Golf.

Toyota Yaris – Summer 2020

Sensible hatchbacks, hybrid power and sports cars. Toyota makes all sorts of contrasting cars, and will be trying to combine them all with the fourth-generation Yaris. It’ll be marginally smaller than the outgoing model but promises extra space and refinement, along with eco-friendly hybrid drive. And then there’ll be the GR Yaris, a £30,000 or so, four-wheel-drive, rally-bred sports version. Bonkers.

Uniti One – Summer 2020

This little three-seater car is one possible future for urban transport. The Swedish company is developing and building the car in Norfolk, using lightweight technologies to keep its mass to around 600kg. A small electric battery will allow 93 miles between charges, with an optional double-capacity battery available. Thin plastics and a sparse cabin boost environmental credentials, but the £15,000 price tag might feel ambitious.

Uniti One is a unique model for new cars 2020
Vauxhall Corsa – January 2020

Developed in just two years, which is extraordinarily quick for the auto industry, the new Corsa borrows much from Vauxhall’s French owners. The Peugeot 208 might be stylish, but the Corsa will be the sensible sibling, and one beloved by driving schools and Motability customers.

New cars 2020 - the Vauxhall Corsa
Volkswagen Golf – Spring 2020

We’ve already driven it, but buyers won’t get their chance until March. At that point, they’ll find that the Volkswagen Golf is about as sensible as a car can get, but it’s all the better for it. Grown up, comfortable, economical, quick, smooth, spacious – it does every single thing well, and nothing badly. It’s peak car.

New cars 2020 wouldn't be complete without the Volkswagen Golf
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