Our Guide to Some of the Coolest Driving Experiences in the UK

Driving a car is a great skill to have for those who want the freedom of being able to travel where they like, as they like, but cars can also be great fun as well as being useful.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of some of the most exhilarating driving experiences in the UK currently so you can rediscover your love of cars.

First, Sharpen up Your Skills

If you find that your driving skills are a little rusty, or you haven’t yet fully passed your test, then take intensive driving lessons from a renowned driving school. Because intensive driving is a much faster way of learning how to drive, you can still book your experience in advance and fingers crossed you will pass the course first time. To increase your chances, try booking with a school with a high pass rate. One example can be seen through Stockport based Go 2 Pass who have had over 1,000 first time passes through their school. Sharpening up your skills first will ensure that you’re ready to have fun in your car.

Track Attack Days

Driving at speed can be an intense experience, but it’s hard to really build up the speed needed to get a thrill when you’re driving on roads, where laws like speed limits and safety rules to abide by. If you want to experience high-speed excitement without any limits, then attend a track attack day. Go as a group or on your own and really put your car through its paces.

The Silverstone Experience

For drivers who want to feel what it’s like to be a race car driver on one of the world’s most renowned tracks, then this immersive attraction is perfect. The Silverstone Experience is a great family day out, with experiences not just for qualified drivers, but also simulations that’ll give you the thrill of the track without literally going onto it. As such, it’s perfect for drivers who want to show their family and friends their skills in a safe yet extraordinary environment.

Test Drive a Supercar

Petrol-heads who are keen to experience the thrills of driving a supercar without the expense of actually owning one will love a supercar drive day. You can test out a range of the world’s most luxurious and powerful cars on a track to see how they handle and feel the unique rush that comes with driving one of these masterful machines.

Drive a Formula One Car

Formula One driving requires precision, skill and determination. For those who can’t do it as a career, a formula one car driving experience will help them to achieve their dream for a day. You’ll be shown how these vehicles operate and given the chance to take one out onto a real track and experience the unique way it behaves.

Learn to Stunt Drive

Thrill seekers will love to try their hand at becoming a stunt driver for the day. You can learn the basics of stunt driving and have a few tricks up your sleeve to impress your friends on your next track day. This is a great way to let off steam and really get to grips with the intricacies of driving and handling a powerful car.

Having fun while driving is a great way to reconnect with your vehicle and remember why you bought it in the first place!

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