More Than Just Filler: Car Hacks Is Essential Reading for Motorists

Want to get just a little bit more versatility from your vehicle? Car Hacks from Haynes will provide you with ingenious ideas to maximize your motor.

Written by Craig Stewart, the compact book is packed full of practical and affordable ideas to extend the possibilities provided by your car. It covers countless areas, from making it easier to transport a curry home from the takeout to preventing ice forming on wing mirrors.

As it’s from Haynes, everything is written in easily understandable, step-by-step guides that are all accompanied by detailed photography. In just minutes you’ll find out what to do with olive oil, nail polish or swimming pool noodles.

If there’s something that’s been bugging you about your car, there’s a chance it’s covered in one of the 126 car hacks the book looks at. Even a hardened motoring journalist can learn from it, making it worth the £12.99 price tag straight away.

“On average, we spend more time in our cars then we do socialising, but car interiors aren’t designed to meet the individual’s specific needs and as a result this can be very frustrating for both the driver and passengers,” explains the author, Craig Stewart. “Car Hacks provides some simple hacks to create the car you actually need, from adding power sockets and storage where you need them to eradicating annoying rattles.

“Car Hacks is not about corner-cutting, it’s about how to use the things around your home to improve both your car life and your wellbeing in the process. This book not only takes care of the issues to fix in the car but it also looks at driving enjoyment, offering practical advice on how to avoid road rage and keep balanced in the car.

“There is also a joy in car hacking, finding little tricks where you thought issues might be impossible or too expensive to fix or repair,” Craig adds. “Everything can feel so stressful nowadays but having a vehicle should be about freedom and being on the open road. However, all too often it’s about everything but those things. I hope that the book will reignite that feeling of escapism, and make being in the car for long periods of time a bit easier and more fun for the whole family, especially with the holiday season coming up.”

Car Hacks is one of seven titles to be published in Haynes’ new compact ‘Concise’ format. It’s available now from priced at £12.99, as well as online and in book shops.