Fancy a Fresh Car? Lynx Can Help With That

Kids, put down that Lynx gift pack that you’re getting your Dad for Christmas. Instead, head down to Halfords, either in-store or online, and pick up the new range of Lynx car fresheners.

Lynx has long kept men fresh all day, with iconic scents such as Africa, Gold and Dark Temptation. Now Custom Accessories Europe is extending the Lynx range to cover in-car air fresheners, promising to keep your cabin cool and fresh for up to 30 days.

Lynx car freshener disc hanging from the rear view mirror

Five of Lynx’s fragrances have made the jump from personal grooming to automotive finishing, from the ever-popular and spicy Africa to the chocolatey Dark Temptation. Infused with watermelon, the clean Black scent joins the range alongside Ice Chill’s energy-boosting mint and lemon. The Gold blend of citrus and spice tops things off.

Each scent is available as a disc to hang from the rear-view mirror, a vent-clip diffuser, a cupholder-friendly gel can, and an eco-friendly refillable vent-clip model. 

“LYNX is an instantly recognisable and iconic brand with fragrances and shower products loved by millions, so we are thrilled to be selling these exclusively for the next two months,” excitedly commented Mariana Freitas, Halfords’ car air freshener expert. “It means that motorists will be able to bring LYNX fragrances into their cars with the ultimate car accessory – a long-lasting car freshener with a modern and high-end design. We know our customers love to look after their cars, and hope this latest addition means they will be excited about keeping their car interiors smelling fresh.”

Prices for the car fresheners start at £2.99 and are available exclusively at Halfords stores or online at