The Top Five Most In-Demand Cars to Lease Right Now

The car leasing market is changing all the time, with new models being released and manufacturers working on new deals with car leasing companies.

It means the popularity of different cars can be quite volatile, and something you always need to keep an eye on if you are regularly in the market for a new car leasing deal, and of course you need to make sure you are driving the best new cars available.

Here we have put together a breakdown of the five most popular cars to lease right now, and have summarised why that is the case. It’s a list that captures the current car leasing market and aims to provide you with the very best deals available.

Audi TT

You might have thought that Audi faced a huge challenge in backing up the astonishing success of the first TT release in 1998, but with this third generation model it’s still somehow impressing us, with an evolution in the exterior design and some interior indulgence for the driver. At 47.9 mpg and 138 g/km CO2 emissions, the new TT is both economical and efficient, and with this model being less weighty than before it drives with more agility too. The suspension and drive train have been improved and while the popular TT might still be everywhere, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a piece of the action. The entry level engine is a 2.0 litre petrol, although unfortunately there is no longer a diesel option.

Mercedes A-Class

With a hatchback or saloon option this is a sleeker and more sophisticated version of the A-Class compared to the significantly younger and sportier third generation. This Mk 4 version definitely makes you feel special, with sharpened looks and extended exterior space, plus some excellent new safety and media features inside. The A200 1.4-litre is the entry level engine with a six-speed gearbox, and there are also three diesel engine options. And at 51.4 mpg and 127 g/km CO2 emissions you can enjoy economical and environmentally-conscious driving too.

Range Rover Evoque

With this second generation Evoque, Range Rover have delivered a premium compact SUV that takes on board contemporary demands for fashion and efficiency as well as the more traditional needs for power and prestige. This remains a class apart as a luxury 4 x 4 and is more economical than its predecessor at 52.3 mpg. With a decent level of CO2 emissions also at 143 g/km this could be a good business car leasing deal to help get your tax bill down. This is definitely the leader in the compact SUV sector and with handling like a sports coupe you will quickly see why.

Jaguar E-Pace

Clearly Jaguar have gone all-out in the SUV market recently, and while this is a smaller version of the very popular F-Pace model, here we have an economical and sporty compact SUV that is a genuine rival to the BMX Xl and Audi Q3. With similar build engineering to the Range Rover Evoque – except a longer wheelbase – you do have excellent options to personalise the driver experience through individual settings for throttle, steering and transmission. There is also front or 4-wheel drive options as well as a healthy mix of petrol or diesel and manual or automatic possibilities.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has long been a popular family car, and the 1.6-litre petrol engine of the entry level option is a solid start to an impressive range that also includes diesel and all-wheel drive options. At 40.9 mpg and 157g/km the Juke competes on efficiency and emissions and is a fun car to drive as well as being practical space-wise for a family.

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