How to Buy the Perfect Personalised Plate

Are you considering buying a private number plate? You‘re not alone.

The DVLA has around 45 million private number plates to choose from, and sold almost 400,000 of its personalised registrations last year. With 38.2 million cars on the country’s roads, it’s possible for everybody to have something that’s special to them, but what drives the popularity of private number plates?

For many people, getting a private number plate is all about making a good impression, and giving your car a distinct look. To others, a private number plate is a cost-effective way to promote your brand and get your business name in front of thousands of customers every day.

Whatever the reason, you’ll need to find a reliable source to buy your personalised number plates from. In this article, we’ll list the various ways or sources where you can buy personalised number plates.


You can buy a personalised registration for your private number plates directly from the DVLA website. By searching through their huge database, you’ll be able to see which registrations are available, as well as their cost.

The DVLA also holds number plates auction. To participate in the auction, you can bid in person, online, or over the phone.

In an Auction, you can make any bid you like above the reserve price. However, it’s the highest bidder who gets the plate.


There are many companies out there that deal in the sale of private number plates.

If you can’t find the plate you want on the DVLA website, it’s worth checking a broker’s site. If you opt to take this route, make sure to only buy your private number plates from a DVLA recognised dealer, such as Absolute Reg.

With over 8 years of experience dealing in buying and selling DVLA personalised number plates, the folks at Absolute Reg have the professional and legal expertise required to execute private transfers.

When you buy your personalised number plates from a DVLA recognised dealer, you can have peace of mind knowing the process will be managed in accordance with the rules and regulations governing number plate registrations and transfer.


If you can’t find your desired number plate through either the DVLA or dealer, check classified adverts in newspapers and car magazines. Since plates advertised privately are rare to find, they come at an eye-watering price tag.

However, it’s also possible to find privately sold plates at an affordable price. For example, buy from people who are emigrating, and are looking to sell their plates quickly. If you’re lucky to find one, you can buy a personalised plate at a throw-away price.

Final Thoughts

You can also buy private number plates purely for investment purposes.

If you’re buying number plates as an investment, look for registrations that you’ll be able to sell in the future – definitely not the branded type. The good thing about buying personalised plates for investment is that you not only get to enjoy the plates while you use them, but there can also be potential gains to be made in the future.

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