Tested: Auto Snakpax by The Organic Mechanic

Top up, Sir?

Sometimes you need to top up the oil in your car and, while it’s not a difficult thing to do, it’s a nightmare making sure you get the right grade.

You might look in the car’s manual, but that’ll list every engine variant along with every oil variant, possibly for different territories as well. You might pop into Halfords and rely on its flip charts, but there are lots of cars missing from the list and some of the information isn’t entirely accurate.

That leaves many people taking the easy option – picking up a bottle of oil that’s probably close enough and that doesn’t cost much. While easy, it’s not the best way of keeping your car running smoothly.

That’s where The Organic Mechanic steps in, with its new Auto Snakpax offering. Genius in its simplicity, it’s an affordable pack that contains a litre of oil, a litre of coolant, and a litre of screenwash, all specifically tailored to your car.

All they need is your registration number, and confirmation of the make and model, and they’ll supply a pack containing the correct fluids for your car. The oils and coolant are the same OEM products that the company uses in its workshops, ensuring high quality. The three plastic bottles are also refillable, something the Organic Mechanic can organise, which helps reduce the environmental impact.

The three bottles are packaged in a strong cardboard box, marked with the details of the specific car, helping to ensure there’s no mix up for multi-car households. The box also slots into the boot of my own car nicely, allowing me to take an emergency pack on the road with me.

At £32.98 including delivery, the pack is a little on the steep side for a litre of oil and coolant, but there’s value in having confidence that you’ve got the right materials for your car. Refills for the oil and coolant vary depending on grade, but you should get change out of £20, again including delivery.

It’s not something home mechanics will be rushing to buy, but everyday users who want to hold on to an emergency supply, ready to use between services, will find the Auto Snakpax is a valuable insurance policy.

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