Fancy a Free MOT? Here’s How…

There’s nothing like getting something for nothing, and when it’s something you’re forced into having, the feeling is even sweeter.

That’s why we’re so impressed by an offer from Halfords that allows you to get a completely free MOT.

As an MOT can cost as much as £54.85, that’s a lot of money to save. And, as 53% of drivers admit they don’t even know when their MOT is due, this is the perfect time to ensure you’re on the road legally.

There’s not even the usual hoops to jump through to get your free test. The most onerous condition is that you need to buy something from Halfords before the end of 14 OCtober, giving you more than two weeks to find something, anything, that you need.

As winter’s coming, how about a bottle of washer fluid? Perhaps a set of wiper blades as well? Maybe your car is fine for that, but does it look and smell great? If not, grab some car shampoo or an air freshener. There’s no minimum purchase (although buying a plastic bag for 5p is excluded!) so there’s really no excuse.

When you buy anything in a Halfords store, you’ll get a voucher code. Head over to the Halfords Autocentre MOT page and book an MOT online. Add the voucher code at checkout, and you’ll be good to go.

The voucher codes last for an entire year, right up until the end of October 2019, so even if your MOT isn’t due yet, you can bank this and prepare for the next time the dreaded test comes round.

“With many motorists in the dark about when their MOT is due and many admitting they have put off getting faults fixed until the next service, we are urging drivers to take advantage of this offer and book in their free MOT,” explained a Halfords Autocentre spokesperson. “Our expert technicians are friendly, reliable, and trustworthy and will look after you and your car to keep you on the road this autumn”

Check the terms and conditions at Halfords Autocentre’s MOT page to ensure you’re happy, and then head off to Halfords to buy whatever your car (or bike) needs.

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