Heading off-road with the VW Amarok Trailblazers Challenge

With the release of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ new Amarok model, the company posed their drivers with a challenge. Two teams of off-road enthusiasts were tasked with experiencing all of the new and improved features of the 2017 Amarok in the Amarok #VWTrailblazersChallenge, and you can watch the events unfold here.

The two teams headed up to the Lake District give the new model a test drive. No stone is left unturned – there’s uneven terrain, muddy terrain and sandy terrain. There are pick-up points, manoeuvrability challenges and slippery surfaces – all of which the Amarok and its drivers meet head-on.

All of the Amarok’s updated features are out on display in the video. Its powerful 3.0L TDI V6 engine, its sizeable bed space that can fit a whole Euro pallet, its improved steering and generous back seat. Drivers use the rear-view cameras to create the VW logo on the beach and the 4MOTION all-wheel drive to scale rocky lanes.

At its strongest, the Amarok has 550Nm of torque and can rev from 0-62mph in just over eight seconds. Couple this with its ability to haul up to 3.5 tonnes, and you’ve got yourself one seriously powerful machine.

The Amarok is a pick-up truck, sure, but what we don’t see in the video is its more subdued side. The night job to its day job. Powerful though it may be, it equally suits as a super-sized family car known for its sleek appearance and smooth drive. It’s just as impressive on the inside, too, with a 16.5cm colour touchscreen, electronic voice amplification and six loud speakers, not to mention the ergoComfort seating up front.

If you’re looking for a truck with all the power of a workhorse and the sleekness of an SUV, the Amarok fits the bill quite nicely, while the video speaks for itself.

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