Book Review: Living the Supercar Dream

A book from a YouTube star? Old tech still wins sometimes…

If you’ve never heard of Shmee150, then it’s probably because you’ve no interest in cars or, far more likely, you’re over 30 years old. Shmee150, or Tim Burton to use his real name, is a young man who’s made a career out of filming supercars on a mobile phone.

No, really. Using the power of YouTube, Tim built a following that eventually turned into an income. A few years, and millions of video views, later, Tim now enjoys the supercar lifestyle full-time.

His own garage contains a McLaren 675LT, a Ferrari FF and a Porsche Cayman GT4, but he travels the world to play with supercars and still uploads his efforts to his YouTube channel. Now he’s adding some words to the mix, releasing his first book title Living the Supercar Dream.

Broken in to road trip chapters, the book is almost a diary of the fortunate as Tim follows one luxurious motor with another. However, it’s not just a book shouting ‘look at me’, but instead offers an easily readable account of Tim’s own feelings and sensations for each car.

It never gets into too much detail (which may frustrate full-on petrolheads) and instead focusses on the drive, explaining how it feels to sit behind the wheel of a McLaren, Maybach or Mulsanne.

The trips take in all parts of the world, too, with some stunning photography from London, California, Germany, Portugal, Japan and more that almost matches the beauty of some of the cars he drives. It’s not just modern cars either – although he’s got the very latest Honda NSX in there – as there’s an old Mustang and the iconic McLaren F1 and Ferrari F40.

An app can be downloaded to any Apple or Android device to accompany the book, with a personal welcome video from Tim. Use the built-in scanner on certain pages and extra content is unlocked, bringing the book to life.

If you know the engine capacity of a Lancia Stratos, you might not learn anything from this book. For everybody else, it’s an introduction to a lifestyle few can imagine and even less afford. It’s easy to read, broken down into manageable chunks, and gets across the passion Tim has for the cars.

Living the Supercar Dream is out now, priced at £16.99, but we’ve got three copies to give away. Simply enter using the form below…

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