Tired of Paying for Punctures? Cooper Offer Accidental Damage Cover

No need to feel deflated, but tread carefully.

Cooper Tire is offering buyers its premium tyres free warranty cover as well as accidental damage cover when purchasing a full set for your car.

Available on Zeon CS Sport, Zeon CS8 and Zeon 4XS Sport tyres, customers can register for the tyre warranty scheme at no additional cost. The warranty includes a 30-day road test, accidental damage coverage and up to 30,000 miles mileage warranty on the A-rated tyres.

If a buyer suffers accidental damage to their tyres at any time within the mileage warranty, they can be returned to the Cooper Tire dealer where they were purchased, along with proof of purchase and compliance with warranty conditions, and an equivalent replacement tyre will be provided or a credit applied towards a replacement.

As well as meeting those criteria, the buyer must also ensure that they rotate their tyres in accordance with prescribed rotation patterns, something few drivers actually take notice of.

The Cooper Promise, as it’s called, is available now from participating dealers. Tyre purchases need to be registered with Cooper within 14 days.

Phil is a motoring writer for print and web, failed racing driver, car hoarder and banger rally competitor. Nominated for the Headline Auto Rising Star award and a MGMW member, Phil freelances for outlets as diverse as Diesel Car magazine, DAD.info and Cambridge Magazine, amongst many others. He also maintains a fleet of unloved motors, but spends most of his time driving an old Corvette.