Celebrity Cars We Can All Afford

They don’t all drive Maseratis…

Do you ever watch red carpet premieres and sigh at all the A-listers stepping out of their luxurious cars? Many of us have wondered what it would be like to live that lifestyle, even just for one day.

We’ve looked at little further into the matter, however, and have found that a celebrity lifestyle might be a little more attainable than we realised. It turns out a Lamborghini isn’t the only car on the menu when you’re in the Hollywood elite.

Below, Vertu Lease Cars have compiled a list of cars belonging to various famous professionals ranging from actors and singers to journalists and royalty, all of which will surprise you. These stars may have eight figure bank balances, but the cars they drive are refreshingly modest, whether it’s for image reasons or due to an environmentally conscious outlook.

Read on to find out which pop queen is crazy for her Mini Cooper, and which silver screen tough guy is wheeling around Beverly Hills in a Fiat 500…

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