Kids Misbehaving in the Car? It’s Probably Your Fault, Says Ford…

Kids usually get the blame for making journeys stressful, but are you sure it’s not your fault?

You might think that your young ones are a disruptive influence on car journeys, but research by Ford suggests that parents are creating just as much tension in the car.

The number one pet hate for kids is parents singing along in the car, while badly behaved dads shouting at other drivers also ranks highly.

The survey of 2,000 children across Europe found that 66 percent say their parents are annoying on car trips and that snacks and TV shows are served up to get them to behave.

Dads get the nod for being the better driver, especially from boys. Overall, 61 percent felt dad was best behind the wheel, but mum stood up well in the UK where she gathered 45 percent of the vote.

The children most likely to highlight nose-picking as the worst parental habit are in the UK, so let that be a warning to you. Across Europe, 61 percent of children revealed parents got angry or used “naughty words”, with French parents the worst offenders. Italy is the only country where less than half of parents lose their temper.

When it’s the kids misbehaving, handing over a smartphone or putting on a TV show or movie are the most popular ways of getting the kids back in line, although UK parents favour the offering of a snack.

The best behaved children are in Germany, where more than one in three kids claim they don’t misbehave.

“Ford cars feature many ingenious technologies and features – but unfortunately nothing designed to improve the singing abilities of out-of-tune parents,” said Roelant de Waard at Ford of Europe. “Our C-MAX and Grand C-MAX cars do offer technologies that help find a space and park, and voice-controlled navigation that can find somewhere to eat through the simple command ‘I’m hungry!'”

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