Harman Create a Car Speaker You Can Take with You

Take your music with you, even after the journey…

Removable speakers aren’t something you get in cars. They’re wired in to the dashboard, doors, parcel shelf and countless other places, and things tend to stop working properly when you pull them out.

However, Harman’s Infinity Voyager Drive allows you to do just that. A full-range Bluetooth speaker, the Infinity drive can stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device both in and out of the car.

It achieves this by being entirely removable from the car. Sitting in a special slot on your dashboard that acts as a charger for the device, your in-car stereo or mobile phone can stream to the speaker. Once your journey is over, simply unclip it and you carry it with you, your phone continually streaming music as you go.

As well as allowing you to enjoy your music collection or streaming radio while driving or relaxing, it’s also a cost-effective solution for budget manufacturers and emerging markets, allowing them to provide audio solutions without the associated costs of multiple speakers and a head unit.

Being a piece of Harman kit, the sound quality should be excellent, with Dirac Panorama promising ‘wide, immersive, size-defying sound.’

“Car makers recognise that premium audio can be an effective way to differentiate their vehicles and appeal to new customers, and they are looking for next-generation features that go beyond traditional sound reproduction,” explained John Fitzgerald, Harman’s senior vice president and general manager. “We are redefining the concept of automotive audio as adaptive and tailored to each individual in ways never before possible and, for the first time, we are extending these experiences beyond the vehicle to seamlessly connect music to more elements of consumers’ daily lives.”

Harman’s developments are currently on display at the CES show in Las Vegas.

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