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Ford Focus RS revealed with 320PS and four-wheel drive

Ford’s new Focus RS will arrive in the UK with four-wheel drive and ‘well over’ 320PS, along with best in class handling.

That’s the promise made by Ford at the reveal today, where details of the forthcoming performance model were made public for the first time.

Based on the five-door Focus, the RS will be powered by a 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, with the power then going through an innovative four-wheel drive system that includes dynamic torque vectoring. Power is shifted around using two electronically controlled differentials on the rear axle that not only regulate the distribution of power between front and back, but also manage the balance between the rear wheels.

A maximum of 70 percent of the drive power will flow to the rear axle, with on-board electronics shuffling around the power distribution up to 100 times per second to counteract understeer and increase the agility and driving stability of the car.

The result is cornering and handling abilities that are promised to be superior to any of its rivals, with cornering forces of more than 1g being possible.

Should the mood take you, and you’re on a closed circuit, oversteer is readily accessible, with plenty of tail-out, tyre-smoking fun to be had. The tyres, incidentally, are custom-designed Michelin’s on 190-inch wheels. Semi-slick tyres will be available as an option which, when combined with electronically adjustable dampers, will lead to plenty of track day fun.

Festooned with wings, diffusers, exhaust, intakes and splitters, the Focus RS will be obvious on the road, but on the inside there is just as much drama. Custom made Recaro bucket seats set the tone, while the flat-bottomed steering wheel, aluminium pedals, short throw gear shifter and supplementary dials on top of the dashboard finish off the effect.

Full details of the Focus RS will be revealed at next month’s Geneva motor show, along with pricing and delivery dates.

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