Honda Civic Type-R Concept 2014 620x277

Honda’s new Civic Type R will be a 300bhp monster

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a Civic Type R concept, but the latest renderings from Honda are as close to a production preview as you can get.

Under the bonnet will be a 2.0-litre VTEC engine, turbocharged to develop somewhere in the region of 300bhp. All that power will go through the front wheels via a ‘steer axis’ system that promises to minimise torque steer.

There will also be adaptive dampers all round, allowing the car to be changed from ‘so-stiff-your-teeth-will-fall-out’ setting to the track ready ‘ow-ow-ow-please-stop-it-hurts’ option. The R+ button will automatically make the changes when pressed, as well as sharpening up engine response and adding weight to the steering.

A traditional six-speed gearbox will be fitted, with no twin-clutch paddle-shit options available. The new Civic Type R will go on sale early in 2015, and is expected to set new records at the Nurburgring for front-wheel drive cars. You can get an early preview by heading to the Paris Motor Show.