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Top Ten: The most popular pages of 2013

The last twelve months have been fantastic for car fans the world over, with some incredible machinery coming to the market. I’ve been fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of 121 different new cars over the year, some of which you’ll find reviews of on these pages, alongside other features and articles. Which did you like most in 2013 though? Here’s the top ten…

Top Ten 2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost Phil Huff Chauffeured: Rolls-Royce Ghost Road Test

We actually got to drive the Rolls-Royce Ghost shortly after the Goodwood based company invited us down to check out the factory, but it’s the experience of being chauffeured around that most connected with you.

Look out later this year for more exclusive Rolls-Royce content…

Top Ten 2013 McLaren MP4-12C Phil Huff First Drive: McLaren MP4-12C Road Test

The McLaren MP4-12C is arguably one of the most important cars of recent years, and we got ourselves behind the wheel to see what it could do. Granted, it wasn’t the longest test ever, but enough to draw some quick conclusions.

It was certainly mighty, but did it do enough to stir the soul?

Top Ten 2013 Peugeot 2008 Phil Huff First Drive: Peugeot 2008 Road Test

The lukewarm 208 showed intent, but it was the 2008 that showed Peugeot might have finally found its mojo. Comfortable, spacious and good value, it’s also surprisingly capable when the going gets tough.

To prove it, we took it to the Snowdome in Tamworth. As you do.

Top Ten 2013 Nissan Leaf Phil Huff Electric cars finally make sense… for some

There’s no hiding from the fact that electric cars aren’t cheap, but new ways of buying and paying for them are making them more affordable. For some, they might even make sense in financial terms.

Is the market just too narrow for the cars to succeed though? We take a look.

Top Ten 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport Phil Huff Driven: Suzuki Swift Sport Road Test

There are fewer small cars that offer the combination of performance, value and, above all, fun that the Swift Sport manages. It was one of our favourite cars of the year, proving a real surprise.

If you need a pocket rocket, it’s best you take a look at what we had to say about Suzuki’s finest.

Top Ten 2013 Volvo XC90 Phil Huff Driven: Volvo XC90 D5 AWD R-Design Road Test

It may be over 10 years old now, but the Volvo XC90’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. It’s still an excellent, if not perfect, car that offers something different from the usual German rivals.

Is being different enough though? Fortunately the XC90 has more up its sleeve than that.

Top Ten 2013 Peugeot Partner Tepee Phil Huff Driven: Peugeot Partner Tepee Road Test

The first car we tested in 2013 remains popular and, when put alongside the top three pages coming up, show that you’re all looking for good value in your motoring. The Peugeot Partner Tepee may not be the most exciting car you’ll ever see, but it’s practical and excellent value.

That’s anough to see it take fourth place for the year.

Top Ten 2013 Vauxhall Ampera Phil Huff Top Ten: Most economical petrol cars

There’s a Top Ten in this Top Ten, confirming that drivers enjoy petrol engines rather than their noisier diesel cousins. Forget the idea that you’ll be using more fuel, as petrol engine development is moving faster than diesel.

Look at these ten cars and everyone will find a model that suits them, and saves them money.

Top Ten 2013 Dacia Sandero Phil Huff First Drive: Dacia Sandero and Dacia Duster Road Test

Just squeezing ahead of the Top Ten by a handful of page views, the newest brand in the UK market has gained instant popularity through a combination of incredible value and pretty good product.

Here we put the super-budget Sandero hatchback and big-value Duster SUV through their paces, finding out just why so many people can’t get enough of them in the process.

Top Ten 2013 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Phil Huff Driven: Toyota Yaris Hybrid Road Test

Miles ahead of the competition, the Yaris Hybrid review got twice as many page views as the next nearest page, proving that the diminutive Japanese city car is a serious consideration for buyers.

We took to the roads around Amsterdam to find out if it could really match the claims Toyota made, and were pleasantly surprised.

With a fuel-sipping hybrid system and tax-free levels of CO2 emissions, there are few cars that offer urban users quite so much, but is the price tag just a little too steep? Read up on it and decide for yourself.

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Phil is a motoring writer for print and web, failed racing driver, car hoarder and banger rally competitor. Nominated for the Headline Auto Rising Star award and a MGMW member, Phil freelances for outlets as diverse as Diesel Car magazine, and Cambridge Magazine, amongst many others. He also maintains a fleet of unloved motors, but spends most of his time driving an old Corvette.