Does the world really need two-tonne behemoths with massive V8 engines? No, but let’s have some fun anyway, said Land Rover and Audi. While it’s been around for a little while now, the Range Rover Sport still sells well, and in SDV8 form promises to be both ludicrously quick andContinue Reading

Lexus RC F 2015 620x277

Three-thousand two hundred… three-thousand four… three-thousand six… BAM! The Lexus RC F forgets Japanese discretion and screams with joy in the Spanish evening sky, eight cylinders drumming as fast as your heart beats. Drum again, Yukihiko-san. In a world where engines are downsizing and turbos are added in multiples, theContinue Reading

Ford Mustang 2014 Rear 620x277

Ford’s iconic Mustang is finally coming to the UK, with prices announced today that could make it a very tempting proposition. Starting at just £28,995, the entry-level Mustang will come with a European-friendly 2.3-litre petrol engine producing 314PS (310bhp). Despite the lack of traditional V8 power, the ‘economy’ choice includesContinue Reading

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 2014 620x277

Even to the bloke in the van in front of me at the filling station this morning, the Alloro Green and yellow paint job on AMV 8, Aston Martin’s N430 Vantage press demonstrator was instantly recognisable. “I love Astons, beautiful aren’t they?” he declared as I topped-up its tank. “What’sContinue Reading

Maserati GranCabrio Sport 2014 1 620x277

When Maserati promised me the keys to their GranCabrio Sport, I obviously snatched them as quickly as I could. I then had to work out exactly what I was going to do with the car over the week it was on my drive. It had to be something to matchContinue Reading

Is it possible for something to be too good? Could Zooey Deschanel be improved if she didn’t have that manufactured-manic-hipster-pixie personality? Is a Big Mac still a Big Mac if you take out the gherkin?

When somebody hands you the keys to a car with a price tag of £171,397 you expect something special. They also expect it back in one piece. Is the Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible special enough to warrant the asking price, and did I manage to keep it on theContinue Reading