Has Renault accidentally built a Porsche 911 rival, or is it just a different take on the city car?

Three months can be a long time when you’re trying to run a 17-year old French hatchback, but time has been relatively kind to the Twingo since the last long-term update. The first task was to get it through an MOT, something that can be surprisingly difficult with a carContinue Reading

Renault Twingo 1998 620x277

Running a car on a tight budget is not a difficult thing to do. It’s something I make a hobby of (I know…) and have got through a long list of incredibly undesirable and unreliable cars, from a Renault Safrane to a Lancia Dedra. People do tend to ask howContinue Reading

Renault has revealed their new Twingo, and it’s quite a departure from the norm. Sharing its underpinnings with the forthcoming Smart ForTwo, the Twingo switches to a rear-engined layout with rear-wheel drive. Positioning the engine at the rear makes a significant difference to a city car, freeing up space atContinue Reading