Castrol Edge Virtual Drift 2015 620x277

Castrol Edge has created an edge-of-the-seat thriller that doesn’t actually exist, thanks to the fusing of a very real Ford Mustang and a virtual reality headset. After sending drivers through a circuit highlighted by ever shifting lights last year, Castrol has come back with an even more audacious stunt toContinue Reading

Back in 2011 we took a Toyota Prius to Millbrook and proceeded to do silly things with it. There were J-turns, high speed runs, injury inducing slides, and we even managed to get the car some distance off the ground. We didn’t think to try putting it round a WallContinue Reading

Modern cars are of such a high standard that there is no such thing as a bad car, just one that is more or less good, and for years I’ve maintained that any modern car can be fun. So I was challenged to prove it.