Dacia has the potential to continue its remarkable rise under Renault ownership over the past 15 years, says CEO Nicolas Maure. “We have some more capacity in Morocco – maybe as much as 150,000 a year – and also in the rest of the world: India, Brazil and Russia,” saysContinue Reading

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The once maligned Skoda brand has been turned in to a huge triumph thanks to investment from Volkswagen, and one would imagine thoughts of a similar level of success were going through Renault’s mind when they took control of Dacia in 1999.

I’ve driven some very expensive cars in my time. Last week I was behind the wheel of a £171,000 Bentley Continental GTC V8, but that pales in to insignificance compared to the alleged £6.5 million worth of hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity I drove last year. I’ve driven powerful sportsContinue Reading