Porsche 911 Targa 4 2015 620x277

A Wednesday afternoon on the A44 would probably not, for most people, be the kind of place to provoke thoughts of now near long-forgotten road races, especially road races that once took place on the island of Sicily. But it’s not the scenery that has my head filled with fadedContinue Reading

Depreciation Busters 2014 620x277

Shopping for a new set of wheels? Chances are that one of the last things you’ll be thinking about is what’ll happen when you want to sell that car a few years down the line… It’s a universal truth that all cars begin to lose their value the moment they’reContinue Reading

Taking a 31-year-old car and putting it in middle of your new car showroom is perhaps not the normal way to attract customers through the door, but when that car is a freshly restored Porsche 911 SC then you can allow the Porsche Centre Cambridge a little bit of unconventionalContinue Reading

Porsche Panamera Diesel 2013 665x297

Porsche has a tendency to defy convention. It continues to put the engine in their flagship car, the 911, right at the back, hanging over the rear axle, despite physics declaring this to be entirely wrong. The new 918 supercar can hit 215mph and will get round the Nurburgring 30Continue Reading

Porsche Panamera Diesel 2013 665x297

[button link=”http://www.frontseatdriver.co.uk/2014/01/driven-porsche-panamera-diesel-road-test/” color=”orange”]Road Test[/button] [button link=”http://www.frontseatdriver.co.uk/2014/01/driven-porsche-panamera-diesel-information/” color=”orange”]Technical[/button] [button window=”yes” link=”http://www.porsche.com/uk/dealersearch/?m-01-dealer-search-field=”]Find a Dealer[/button]

Porsche Panamera Diesel 2013 665x297

[button link=”http://www.frontseatdriver.co.uk/2014/01/driven-porsche-panamera-diesel-road-test/” color=”orange”]Road Test[/button] [button link=”http://www.frontseatdriver.co.uk/2014/01/porsche-panamera-diesel-2014-gallery/” color=”orange”]Gallery[/button] [button window=”yes” link=”http://www.porsche.com/uk/dealersearch/?m-01-dealer-search-field=”]Find a Dealer[/button] Model Tested: Porsche Panamera Diesel Price: £71,985 including optional metallic paint (£801), 19” Turbo wheels (£1,214), automatic dimming rear view and side mirrors (£251), Espresso natural leather interior (£4,443), Bluetooth phone connectivity with cordless handset (£963), universal audioContinue Reading

Audi Le Mans 2013 665x297

Next weekend the motorsport world will turn its attention to a town in the Pays de la Loire region of France. Roughly the same size as Oxford, the population of Le Mans will temporarily triple as a quarter of a million fans, along with countless retail, catering, hospitality and teamContinue Reading

The London Congestion Charge is less about making the roads more free flowing and more about reducing pollution, allowing cars in free if they produce less than 100g/km of CO2. However, as manufacturers make ever more efficient motors, that limit has had to drop. From today, therefore, you’ll need toContinue Reading

The new Porsche 911 has been getting a bit of a hard time in the media recently. It appears to boil down to the fact that the 991 series (I’ve never got the hang of the numbering system. What’s wrong with Mk 6?) has ditched the electro-hydraulic steering system ofContinue Reading

There’s still another five days of the Geneva Motor Show left to run, but all the European premieres and debuts have now taken place. There’s been 131 of them in total, and we’ll be showing you all of them. Here’s part four, Maserati through to SEAT…