Castrol Edge Virtual Drift 2015 620x277

Castrol Edge has created an edge-of-the-seat thriller that doesn’t actually exist, thanks to the fusing of a very real Ford Mustang and a virtual reality headset. After sending drivers through a circuit highlighted by ever shifting lights last year, Castrol has come back with an even more audacious stunt toContinue Reading

Mustang Field 2015 FSD

If you plant it, they will come. Those words, not quite famously spoken by Kevin Costner, have been taken literally by one man in Essex who has planted 35,000 euonymus emerald gold shrubs in his field near Stansted Airport. Measuring 60 metres long, it’s only when you take to theContinue Reading

Ford Mustang 2014 Rear 620x277

Ford’s iconic Mustang is finally coming to the UK, with prices announced today that could make it a very tempting proposition. Starting at just £28,995, the entry-level Mustang will come with a European-friendly 2.3-litre petrol engine producing 314PS (310bhp). Despite the lack of traditional V8 power, the ‘economy’ choice includesContinue Reading

Goodwood Revival 2014 620x277

The Goodwood Revival took place at the weekend, with a mouth-watering selection of iconic cars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Here we pick out the Top Ten tasty motors you could have seen. If these get you wanting more, then plan ahead and get to the Revival next year…Continue Reading

Ford Mustang 2014 Rear 620x277

Last weekend’s Festival of Speed, held in the grounds of Goodwood House, saw Ford send their all-new Mustang up the famous hill-climb as part of its ‘dynamic debut’ in the UK. Here’s footage of its runs up the hill, with Paul Swift at the wheel. Not quite in the sameContinue Reading

Vauxhall VXR Maloo 2012 665x297

Any regular reader will know that I’m a big fan of American cars. Not necessarily the run of the mill motors like the Toyota Camry or Chevrolet Cruze, but the traditional muscle cars with unnecessarily large V8 engines that don’t actually produce that much power.