As the unstoppable forces and immovable objects of Brexit get ever closer to colliding, I can’t help but think that the German-owned brand is having a little bit of a laugh at our expense with the new Mini Clubman.

Fifty grand for a 50-year-old car? Not quite… The original Mini is in many ways the perfect car for the city. It’s small, frugal and agile, but the lack of any useful safety kit and the crumbling nature of a fifty-year old or so chassis means it’s usually the preserveContinue Reading

This year’s Paris Motor Show looks to be shaping up as a classic, with many new launches already announced. Here is international motoring expert Eric Bottrell’s selection of the Top Ten most important cars to look forward to in Paris. SPORTS CARS Mazda MX-5 What will be the star ofContinue Reading

Mini has revealed its hotly anticipated five-door version of their new Hatch. It’s the first time that the Hatch has been offered with two rear doors, opening up a new level of practicality matched only by the Mini Clubman. The five-door variant of the Mini has been stretched by 161mmContinue Reading

MINI Cooper D and MINI Cooper S 2014 620x277

As a new generation MINI is launched, designer Anders Warming said that despite its expanding dimensions and burgeoning model line-up, the car will always remain close to Sir Alec Issigonis’s original 1959 concept. He said: “Whatever we do with MINI we always take a look back and study what IssigonisContinue Reading

Turn over your hand now and look at the size of the palm. Now multiply that by four and that is roughly how much rubber holds you on to the road come sun, rain, snow or ice. Through wet leaves, spilled diesel, potholes and gravel, that small contact patch isContinue Reading

Alfa Romeo MiTo 2013 665x297

As Alfa Romeo’s first supermini since the demise of the Alfasud in 1989, the MiTo has a lot to achieve. Not only does it have to bring people to the struggling brand but when they get there it has to be every bit as good as its Mini and FiatContinue Reading

The Citroen DS3 has been a firm favourite with UK buyers since its launch, outselling every other car in the French firms range. With the first rays of sunshine finally beaming down on the country, Citroen has now taken the obvious step of slicing the roof off.

Vauxhall is not a brand name that appears on most urban fashionistas radar, the cars of choice generally being limited to the Fiat 500 and Mini, with perhaps the Audi A1 thrown in for those doing well. That could change if the new Vauxhall Adam can capture hearts in theContinue Reading

There’s still another five days of the Geneva Motor Show left to run, but all the European premieres and debuts have now taken place. There’s been 131 of them in total, and we’ll be showing you all of them. Here’s part four, Maserati through to SEAT…