Infiniti has released the first picture of its forthcoming premium hatchback, the Q30, ahead of its public reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Featuring much of Infiniti’s recognisable design language, the Q30 is, according to the manufacturer, a ‘category-breaking vehicle concept’ devolved for those seeking ‘urban individuality.’ AContinue Reading

Infiniti Q80 Inspiration 2014 620x277

Infiniti likes to make a big impression, which is why the manufacturer is entering the luxury market with the forthcoming Q80. First, it’s got to build up anticipation and gauge customer reaction, so the Paris Motor Show will see the first public appearance of the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration, a conceptContinue Reading

Infiniti WTF 2014 620x277

The strangest, and possibly shortest, press release of the year thus far has come out of Infiniti’s press office, hinting at a future for the car brand that includes, erm… well… nope. I’ve got nothing. Take a look yourself. Here’s the complete and unedited press release. Style and substance thatContinue Reading

Infiniti Q50 2013 665x297

If you are a French woman called Pascale who happens to be living in London, there’s a good chance that the forthcoming compact Infiniti could be the car for you. And just you.

There are three groups of people in the UK. There’s the majority who have never heard of the Infiniti brand and a small minority who know who they are and what they do. There’s also a group of people who’ve actually bought one, but that number is in the lowContinue Reading

This week I’ve been driving round in an Infiniti M35h. You might be forgiven for asking what that is, as many people over the last week have been asking me the same question.

There’s still another five days of the Geneva Motor Show left to run, but all the European premieres and debuts have now taken place. There’s been 131 of them in total, and we’ll be showing you all of them. Here’s part three, Honda through to Lexus…