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Last week I declared that muscle cars might be facing an early death. Having something as iconic as a Ford Mustang fitted with a four-cylinder engine, no matter how many turbochargers are bolted on, simply won’t do.

The Toyota GT86 has gone down a storm with enthusiasts the world over, the Japanese firm managing to achieve that delicate balance of power and poise to produce a car that is both reasonably practical and useable while remaining outright fun on any road with the slightest of curves.

It’s been a busy year at Front Seat Driver, with the site evolving as we learn exactly what it is that drives people to read these pages.

My last column talked about how timing the sprint zero to sixty miles per hour in a car is a near useless measure of performance, mostly because it’s the quickest way to snap things in your car that should be in one piece. I asked for your alternatives that wouldContinue Reading

The Toyota GT86 is an important car for the Japanese manufacturer. Since the demise of the Supra, Celica and MR2, there’s been no ‘halo’ car in the range of worthy but functional family vehicles and, despite increasing sales, Toyota need a car that will get people talking about the brand.

Subaru have revealed the UK specification for the much anticipated BRZ coupe, the twin to Toyota’s GT 86. However, whilst Toyota have revealed pricing but been vague on specifications, Subaru have gone the other way and revealed details of equipment but failed to mention price.

Toyota have revealed that prices for the spiritual successor to the legendary AE86, the keenly anticipated GT 86 due to arrive in June, will start at £24,995.