The 80s hot hatch era died at the hands of insurance companies and joyriders but, thanks to cars like the Ford Focus ST, the market is having something of a resurgence…

Twenty years ago, the Focus was a turning point for Ford. It was another family hatchback, but one endowed with a chassis and suspension that meant it was actually fun to drive. Not the kind of fun you can only have on a track, but fun just heading to Waitrose.

At the launch in Spain, we declared the Focus RS to be a car that you simply must buy. Is it still as good on broken British roads?

Ford Focus ST Road Trip with Jonny Edge 2015 620x277

Driving long distances isn’t always easy. Traffic jams, roadworks, accidents and bad weather can all spoil the experience but despite all of these difficulties one thing remains true – driving a car is the very best way to take in a country. To prove the point, I planned a tripContinue Reading

Ford Focus ST 2015 620x277

The recently refreshed Ford Focus has been going down quite well, with the car striking an excellent balance between refined ride quality and engaging handling. It’s less clear-cut when looking at the performance end of the range; the ST has always been the effervescent option when compared to more refinedContinue Reading

Ford Focus RS 2015 620x277

With a power output of over 320bhp promised, four-wheel drive and some electronic wizardry to make every driver look epic, the third-generation Focus RS is a much-anticipated new model. Revealed to the public in Geneva this week, XCAR took a look at it, and it’s forebears…

Ford Focus RS 2015 620x277

Ford’s new Focus RS will arrive in the UK with four-wheel drive and ‘well over’ 320PS, along with best in class handling. That’s the promise made by Ford at the reveal today, where details of the forthcoming performance model were made public for the first time. Based on the five-doorContinue Reading

More than just a facelift, Ford has worked their magic on the new Focus, promising to make it faster, more efficient and more desirable. I find out if they’ve succeeded…

Nissan Pulsar 2014 620x277

After enjoying huge success with the Qashqai, Nissan is returning to the family hatchback market with the new Pulsar. Reviving an old name, the Pulsar however promises to be packed full of new technologies including Forward Emergency Braking, Moving Object Detection, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning, all asContinue Reading

Renault Zoe 2013 665x297

Electric cars just aren’t taking off. Sales remain pitifully low, with both private buyers and fleet buyers put off by the same old issues that have plagues electric cars for the last 100 years – yes, they have really been around that long.