Is there a cooler car manufacturer than Volvo? And if not, is there a cooler car than the Volvo V60 Cross Country?

Even now, if you think about Subaru there’s a good chance that you’ll bring to mind images of Colin McRae hurtling through a Welsh forest in a blue and gold Impreza, undoubtedly sideways and seemingly ever only an inch from an enormous accident.

Is the Kia ProCeed a practical and sporting Shooting Brake that everybody can afford? Perhaps…

It’s not an SUV, has a thirsty engine and is fitted with a CVT gearbox. Is there anything here for UK buyers to like?

Kia Optima Concept 2015 620x277

Kia will be revealing a concept car at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, previewing the new Optima due to arrive in the UK in late 2015. While the display of the car is no secret, the fact that it will be revealed as an estate car will surprise many. TheContinue Reading