If you’re looking at the Polestar 2 and thinking it looks rather like a Volvo, there are good reasons for that, but this is so much more…

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Tesla Supercharger 2015 620x277

The problem with electric cars, we’re so often told, is range anxiety; that feeling that you get as the battery drains away potentially leaving you stranded miles from a plug socket. Tesla’s impressive Model S mostly does away with those concerns, being able to go on for a claimed 312Continue Reading

Kia Soul EV 2015 620x277

Electric vehicles come with some downsides, not least is range anxiety. Can you really go as far as the manufacturers claim? The Kia Soul EV, a pure electric car that uses nothing but batteries and a motor to propel you, was launched late last year with a claim that itContinue Reading

Volkswagen has resisted the temptation to offer special sales incentives with the all-electric Golf and instead will sell it like any other car. That means there will be no battery-hire scheme like that offered by Renault with its electric models, and no system of credits giving owners access to combustion-enginedContinue Reading

It’s possibly the ultimate accessory for the Audi owner about town – a fold-away electric mini-scooter, branded with the German company’s name and logo, which can be tucked away in a corner of the boot until needed. But any UK Audi-philes who have the idea of buying one will haveContinue Reading