Has there ever been a better time to sell cars? In the midst of a recession, or at the very least a flat economy, it might sound ridiculous to suggest that buying a car is a good idea, but as a country we’ll still get through close to two millionContinue Reading

It’s been a busy year at Front Seat Driver, with the site evolving as we learn exactly what it is that drives people to read these pages.

A few weeks ago I wrote a column suggesting there won’t be a better time to buy or lease a new car for some time. In there I mentioned the fact that there are some European manufacturers struggling to balance supply, demand and profits, with at least one at death’sContinue Reading

The Front Seat Driver Test Route has been specially designed to represent normal driving conditions. This is not a test created to produce incredible economy figures, but instead puts each car through a number of different road types. Roughly speaking, there’s an almost equal split between high speed motorway, twistyContinue Reading

Every car we get to test goes round our specially designed Test Route to record its real life fuel economy, more details of which you can find here.