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Volkswagen has resisted the temptation to offer special sales incentives with the all-electric Golf and instead will sell it like any other car. That means there will be no battery-hire scheme like that offered by Renault with its electric models, and no system of credits giving owners access to combustion-enginedContinue Reading

The A-Class has been around a while now, with the small Mercedes getting rave reviews for their A45 AMG super-hot hatch, but it’s the more frugal diesel versions that appeal to business buyers. Keen to take a larger share of the market, the German firm has glued an ‘ECO’ badgeContinue Reading

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The Volkswagen Group will achieve CO2 emission levels of 95 g/km by 2020, with some brands below that figure and others slightly above it, Prof Dr Ulrich Hackenburg, board member for technical development Audi, said. One of the main planks for achieving this target will be the growing sophistication ofContinue Reading

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Lexus, the bigger but more exclusive brother to Toyota, has been pushing hybrid technology for some time. While the Toyota Prius has been around for 13 years, it was only in 2005 that Lexus took the technology and put it in the RX 400h. Since that time the firm hasContinue Reading

It doesn’t happen very often, but just occasionally a manufacturer comes along with a new car that makes you sit back and think about what prospects the future could hold. The original Range Rover created an entire new market back in the 70s, while more recently Mazda proved with theirContinue Reading

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Electric cars just aren’t taking off. Sales remain pitifully low, with both private buyers and fleet buyers put off by the same old issues that have plagues electric cars for the last 100 years – yes, they have really been around that long.