Just under ten years ago General Motors announced that they were bringing Chevrolet to Europe and the car geek inside me got quite excited. Chevrolet was an iconic American brand. Even people who knew little about cars had at least heard of Corvette and Camaro, while plenty had fond thoughtsContinue Reading

I’ve written frequently about bangernomics, the principle of buying embarrassingly cheap cars and running them for as long as possible without spending anything. For the best part of six years, me and my far better half Samantha have been driving around in sub £500 motors without any issue. It worksContinue Reading

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Premium. It’s a word that is thrown around by many with little thought as to what it actually means, attached to everything from cars (obviously) through to shampoo and paper towels. Perhaps it’s just the people I follow through social media (you can find me @FrontSeatPhil) but there has beenContinue Reading

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I have spent the last two weekends in Cambridge and London, both cities that are not ideally set up to accommodate cars in the city centre. Being a true petrolhead, that doesn’t stop me weaving something unnecessarily large and powerful through the narrow streets, but even I’m beginning to realiseContinue Reading

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Back in May of this year I wrote about the steps Audi are taking to reinvent the car showroom at a time when research shows that 70 per cent of consumers have already made their mind up about a car long before stepping out of the house. Back in MayContinue Reading

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A friend of mine has just had rather a large shock. They have been leasing a Mercedes-Benz for the last three years, but now they have handed that car back and taken delivery of a new BMW 5 Series. There is no doubt that his Mercedes has worked hard, coveringContinue Reading

Renault Zoe 2013 665x297

I really quite like electric cars, which surprises many people as they know my preference for large capacity V8 engines that make lots of noise and use lots of petrol. However, there is something very relaxing about driving an electric car. Obviously there is the lack of noise. Some modelsContinue Reading

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It is pretty clear that I’m not an economist, as I have a very simplistic view on how the British economy should be working and there are no doubt hundreds of reasons why I’m wrong. We are told that we are in recession, or negative growth for those MPs thatContinue Reading

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Young drivers get a tough time from most people. A danger on the roads, we say, and a danger to everybody around them. Speeding, loud music, eating at the wheel and the inevitable effects of peer pressure combine to make them the second most irritating road users, just behind cyclists.Continue Reading

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Modern technology is fantastic. There may be plenty of claims that ‘things were better back in my day’ but, quite frankly, that is not true. Back in my day, whenever that was, you were lucky to get an FM radio in your new car. Now there are digital DAB radiosContinue Reading

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Next weekend the motorsport world will turn its attention to a town in the Pays de la Loire region of France. Roughly the same size as Oxford, the population of Le Mans will temporarily triple as a quarter of a million fans, along with countless retail, catering, hospitality and teamContinue Reading

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I watched the hit movie Fast and Furious 6 last night, keen to get an insight in to how the American economy is affecting the motor industry over there and, given the change of setting to London, how the street racing scene in the UK can help build mutually beneficialContinue Reading

Audi West London 2009 665x297

Travel agents, music stores and book shops are all in decline, with the internet being held to blame for their demise. It’s not unusual, for example, to see shoppers in Waterstones looking for the latest blockbuster, only to then whip out their smartphone and compare the price to that onContinue Reading

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Van sales in the UK are rising, and rising more quickly than car sales are. That has to be good news for the economy, as it is an obvious sign that there is enough business about to keep investing in new vehicles, but I do wonder if there is somethingContinue Reading

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Electric cars just aren’t taking off. Sales remain pitifully low, with both private buyers and fleet buyers put off by the same old issues that have plagues electric cars for the last 100 years – yes, they have really been around that long.