Toyota Yaris 2014 Concept Sketch 620x277

The strong ‘X’ shape graphic on the front of the new Toyota Aygo and Yaris are a sign of a bolder approach to design for the Japanese company which will become evident in larger models in the future. Fabio Capano of Toyota Europe product communications said: “You will find thatContinue Reading

Toyota Aygo 2014 620x277

The Aygo has been a resounding success for Toyota, notching up some 760,000 sales across Europe over the nine years that’s it’s been available in the UK. Now it’s time for a change. Teaming up with their partners at Citroen and Peugeot, the new Aygo promises to be something different,Continue Reading

Toyota Historic Fleet 665x297

If you search Google for “Toyota is boring” you’ll get some 4.7 million matches coming back to you. Search for “Toyota” and “beige” together and you get an astonishing 21.9 million matches.