Porsche 911 Targa 4 2015 620x277

A Wednesday afternoon on the A44 would probably not, for most people, be the kind of place to provoke thoughts of now near long-forgotten road races, especially road races that once took place on the island of Sicily. But it’s not the scenery that has my head filled with fadedContinue Reading

Taking a 31-year-old car and putting it in middle of your new car showroom is perhaps not the normal way to attract customers through the door, but when that car is a freshly restored Porsche 911 SC then you can allow the Porsche Centre Cambridge a little bit of unconventionalContinue Reading

The new Porsche 911 has been getting a bit of a hard time in the media recently. It appears to boil down to the fact that the 991 series (I’ve never got the hang of the numbering system. What’s wrong with Mk 6?) has ditched the electro-hydraulic steering system ofContinue Reading