Taking the best that exists and making it better. Inspired by the words of Sir Henry Royce, this is exactly what Rolls-Royce have done with the new Phantom Series II, and we were at their Goodwood headquarters to witness the launch.

F12berlinetta. Not just F12 Berlinetta, but F12berlinetta, complete with lower case ‘b’. That’s the odd name Ferrari have given to the fastest and most powerful production vehicle to have come out of Maranello, a car the world will simply call the F12.

Volkswagen launched the first Golf Cabriolet way back in 1980, and in the 32 years between then and now there’s never been a GTi version. Until now.

The Toyota Prius is very definitely the poster child of the eco generation, with Hollywood stars, politicians and the like all clamouring to be seen behind the wheel of what is perceived as the greenest car on the road.

Great Wall Motors are pushing to become the first Chinese manufacturer to get a significant foothold in Europe, and have now opened a European factory, the first one built by Chinese auto brand in an EU country.

Subaru have revealed the UK specification for the much anticipated BRZ coupe, the twin to Toyota’s GT 86. However, whilst Toyota have revealed pricing but been vague on specifications, Subaru have gone the other way and revealed details of equipment but failed to mention price.

Hyundai have revealed their new i30 estate today, just days before it goes on show at the Geneva Motor Show. The estate joins the well received i30 hatchback to broaden the appeal of Hyundai’s mid size range.

We don’t hide from the fact that we love Detroit muscle, so much so that there’s a Corvette on the fleet. Which is why we’re so excited that one of the greatest muscle cars around, both current and historically, is finally coming to the UK.

BMW’s latest V8 M TwinPower Turbo engine produces 560bhp, almost exactly double the power of the original M635 CSi, and they’ve dropped it in to the current 6 Series to create the M6 Coupe and Convertible.

The well regarded and much loved Fiat Panda (especially in the 100HP variant) is being replaced this month, and Fiat have clearly taken the decision not to alienate existing customer, with the new model being visually very similar to the outgoing car.

Toyota have revealed that prices for the spiritual successor to the legendary AE86, the keenly anticipated GT 86 due to arrive in June, will start at £24,995.