Ford Focus RS 2015 620x277

With a power output of over 320bhp promised, four-wheel drive and some electronic wizardry to make every driver look epic, the third-generation Focus RS is a much-anticipated new model. Revealed to the public in Geneva this week, XCAR took a look at it, and it’s forebears…

Audi R8 Geneva 2015 620x277

The R8 is back and all new. Revealed in Geneva this week, the new R8 has V10 power with a top speed in excess of 200mph. Cleary Italy is in its sights. XCAR take the time to look at the new model, and where it’s come from in this shortContinue Reading

Kia Soul EV 2015 620x277

Electric vehicles come with some downsides, not least is range anxiety. Can you really go as far as the manufacturers claim? The Kia Soul EV, a pure electric car that uses nothing but batteries and a motor to propel you, was launched late last year with a claim that itContinue Reading

Snowkhana 3 2014 Cast 620x277

Twinkly lights, trees, carol singers, getting slightly drunk too early in the day, mince pies and presents. All are festive traditions, but Ford is muscling in with their Snowkhana series, and their third annual effort is here. Ken Block and his Hoonigan Fiesta, famous from his own Gymkhana series ofContinue Reading

Rear-wheel drive, 540bhp, a twin-clutch gearbox and an empty race track. That sounds like a recipe for a huge amount of fun, but we’re not talking about the latest sports car here. No, those specs belong to the Volvo FH truck. Proud of merging the day-to-day job of lugging heavyContinue Reading