Three months can be a long time when you’re trying to run a 17-year old French hatchback, but time has been relatively kind to the Twingo since the last long-term update. The first task was to get it through an MOT, something that can be surprisingly difficult with a carContinue Reading

Turn over your hand now and look at the size of the palm. Now multiply that by four and that is roughly how much rubber holds you on to the road come sun, rain, snow or ice. Through wet leaves, spilled diesel, potholes and gravel, that small contact patch isContinue Reading

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping. There’s even been snow on the ground as far south as Lincolnshire. It’s that time of year once again; the time when all the tyre companies tell you that winter tyres are a necessity andContinue Reading