Route 66 Sign 2014 620x277

We’re tackling the Mother Road, taking Route 66 all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles in a Lexus LS 460. It’ll be an adventure, and we’d love for you to join us… We’re setting off on 22 April, heading to New York where we’ll be a very short (butContinue Reading

We’ve covered thousands of miles on Route 66, from Chicago all the way to Santa Monica, with each and every step being tracked by TRACKER Vision. Find out where the Lexus LS 460 and the two of us got to on the overview below…

Monday 28 April, 21:50. Chicago, Illinois. You never need an excuse to take a road trip, something I’ve done many times in the trusty old General Lee(xus). To those who don’t know, the General is an old Lexus LS 400 that’s been very unsympathetically painted to (vaguely) resemble the famousContinue Reading

Route 66 Cadillac Ranch 2014 620x277

Want to win some Route 66 memorabilia? We’ll be picking up all sorts of Americana while travelling across the States in the Lexus LS 460, but how many miles will we cover as we go? If you can guess correctly (or are closer than anybody else) we’ll make sure someContinue Reading