There must be something about Lexus design that just works. All those sharp edges, straight lines and contradictory angles on the NX leave some viewers aghast but, for every hater, there’s somebody that thinks a Lexus is the bee’s knees. If Marmite made cars, they’d build a Lexus.

If you’re looking for a reasonably compact premium SUV but want to avoid diesel and go for a hybrid option instead, then you’re out of luck. Or at least you were, until the Lexus UX arrived in UK showrooms earlier this year. Take that, Audi, BMW and Volvo.

Bigger is always better, yes? Then the Lexus RX L should be spectacular…

Luxury to love or loathe; Lexus’ latest is divine but divisive.

Still looking radical after three years, is the latest NX still cool enough to compete?

The NX is the first midsize SUV from Toyota’s luxury offshoot, years after the competition entered the fray. Is it too late for Lexus?

Lexus RC F 2015 620x277

Three-thousand two hundred… three-thousand four… three-thousand six… BAM! The Lexus RC F forgets Japanese discretion and screams with joy in the Spanish evening sky, eight cylinders drumming as fast as your heart beats. Drum again, Yukihiko-san. In a world where engines are downsizing and turbos are added in multiples, theContinue Reading

Barely awake despite an early-morning alarm call, I was handed the keys to the new Lexus CT 200h and sent off in to the Friday morning rush hour traffic. That’s usually a good way to wake up the senses, but when the city in question is Rome, the adrenalin startsContinue Reading

Lexus GS 300h 2014 Blue 620x277.j

Lexus, the bigger but more exclusive brother to Toyota, has been pushing hybrid technology for some time. While the Toyota Prius has been around for 13 years, it was only in 2005 that Lexus took the technology and put it in the RX 400h. Since that time the firm hasContinue Reading

There’s only a few months before Lexus send the all new LS luxury saloon to their dealers, but we took the opportunity to try out the outgoing model to see just what the 2013 car has to live up to.

The original Lexus GS arrived in the UK in 1995, seen as an attractive and imposing sporting alternative to the mainstream German alternatives of the day. Since then the GS has faded away a little, with few knowing what it was really about; was it a luxury car, a sportingContinue Reading