In recent times, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people that are leasing a vehicle as opposed to a traditional purchase.

Are you considering buying a private number plate? You‘re not alone. The DVLA has around 45 million private number plates to choose from, and sold almost 400,000 of its personalised registrations last year. With 38.2 million cars on the country’s roads, it’s possible for everybody to have something that’s specialContinue Reading

Getting a good used car deal can be a pretty demanding process. Most UK motorists would agree that you need to do your homework, and do it well, to get the best deal. The rewards and risks of buying a used car Let’s face it, buying a used car canContinue Reading

A car warranty can provide important financial protection if you were to encounter any kind of electrical or mechanical fault, something that can occur at any moment during a car’s lifetime. Parts, repairs and labour can be very expensive and, unless you have saved money for this situation, it couldContinue Reading

Kar-Go's autonomous delivery concept.

A car that can be driven, but without a driver? That’s an image we never thought we’d see but, with some technical innovations, it may become a reality at some point soon. When self-driving cars will emerge in daily life remains uncertain, but a conservative estimate from auto business expertContinue Reading

Generally speaking, the average car today has been on the road for 11 years already. That said, new cars are typically sold by their first owner after the six year benchmark. This likely shows when a vehicle starts becoming problematic due to ageing and, if you’re buying a used carContinue Reading

Every motorist’s garage will need a wide range of tools so they can safely and properly carry out work on their car. As well as a wide range of tools, it’s also important that you invest in high-quality items for your garage, so that the tool will carry out itsContinue Reading

With winter now fast approaching the roads will soon become more hazardous, with adverse conditions and poor visibility making it hard to get behind the wheel. The winter months will give even the most confident and experienced motorists some anxiety and this is because there are so many accidents thatContinue Reading

Every motorist dreams about getting behind the wheel of the most glamorous, high-end vehicles available and there are many incredible vehicles on the roads right now. The most impressive, stylish and advanced automobiles offer a driving experience which is completely different to driving a regular vehicle. One of the keyContinue Reading

When budgeting to buy a new or used car, a lot of drivers simply think about one cost; the price tag of the actual vehicle. Yet buying and owning a car involves a lot more than just the list price, which is why many people use finance to help purchaseContinue Reading

Buying a car is something of a big deal, and often the second largest purchase that a person will make behind buying a house. This means that you need to be careful with your decision and think about what vehicle is best for your particular situation – you may wantContinue Reading

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Did you know that vaping while driving could land you with a £2,500 fine? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Like smoking traditional cigarettes, there are some rules you need to be aware of if you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Is itContinue Reading