Calling a mechanic should not be a frustrating or hard experience. You should feel comfortable if you know and trust your mechanic. Knowing what to tell your mechanic and how to communicate the key insights you have can make a difference in the outcome of any service call. Even ifContinue Reading

There are many myths surrounding bad credit and the ability to get car finance. Many people think it’s impossible to get approved for car finance with bad credit. However, that isn’t strictly true.

Running your own private-hire business is not always easy. It’s an enormously competitive market, especially around major urban centres. Standing apart from the crowd, and drawing repeat custom, is not always easy.

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Are you considering buying a private number plate? You‘re not alone. The DVLA has around 45 million private number plates to choose from, and sold almost 400,000 of its personalised registrations last year. With 38.2 million cars on the country’s roads, it’s possible for everybody to have something that’s specialContinue Reading

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Kar-Go's autonomous delivery concept.

A car that can be driven, but without a driver? That’s an image we never thought we’d see but, with some technical innovations, it may become a reality at some point soon. When self-driving cars will emerge in daily life remains uncertain, but a conservative estimate from auto business expertContinue Reading