Can the Best of British defeat the endless onslaught from Germany? Ben Thorpe tries the Jaguar XF and finds out… Now that Jaguar has finished the important business of separating its current model line up from memories of the X & S Types, rounding out the saloon models with theContinue Reading

Fiat Panda 100HP 2006 620x277

For anyone who cares about driving there should always be an appeal to basic, light, low power transport marketed toward fun. The kind of thing that harks back to the original Mini but is increasingly hard to find in these days of driving aids and airbags to cater for everyContinue Reading

Jaguar XJ8 1998 620x277

When I was in my late teens I absolutely adored the shape of the Jaguar XJ. That expansive bonnet stretching toward the quartet of headlamps was perfectly proportioned and the retro looks underlined the brands heritage without feeling contrived. Compared to its self-consciously and aggressively forward-looking German contemporaries, I thoughtContinue Reading

Trabi Safari 2014 620x277

“Your car is equipped with a communist radio system – you will hear my commentary but you may not respond through it!” Briefings and safety advice are in thankfully short supply before we are expected to dive into the Berlin traffic behind the wheel of our rented Trabant. A stickerContinue Reading