How to Be a Successful Private Hire Driver

Running your own private-hire business is not always easy. It’s an enormously competitive market, especially around major urban centres. Standing apart from the crowd, and drawing repeat custom, is not always easy.

In a business of this sort, the quality of service counts for an enormous amount. Let’s take a look a look at how you might improve said service, and ensure that your private hire business goes from strength to strength.


When a customer hires a private driver, they expect punctuality ahead of everything else. If you can’t be relied upon to arrive and depart at the agreed-upon time, then you will find your business struggles. Even a few late arrivals out of a hundred, or even a thousand, can land the business with a dreadful reputation. Satisfied customers don’t talk, but dissatisfied customers will tell just about everyone they know.


Developing an easy rapport with your fares will help you to stick in their minds when they next come to hire a driver. This needn’t mean being effusive and try-hard, but it does mean being polite, courteous and professional. The more you’re charging, the further you’ll be expected to go. Building rapport means taking a few easily-identifiable steps. Take bags without being asked, hold doors open, and wish people a good day before you drive off at the end of a job.

Invest in the Right Vehicle

When customers order a private hire vehicle, they expect a certain level of style and comfort. The quality of your vehicle should reflect the price being paid. This works in both directions. If you’re turning up in a more expensive vehicle, you’ll be able to set the price accordingly.

Of course, buying an expensive car won’t count for much if you fail to take care of it properly. This means regular services, but it also means keeping the interior in a respectable state. This means giving it a brush down every evening, hiring the occasional valet to clean it professionally, and addressing any spillages before another customer gets into the car. You can pick up a Mercedes Vito at a modest price from Cab Direct – which over the course of several years will pay for itself.

Dress Appropriately

For similar reasons, the quality of your dress should reflect the price you’re charging. If you’re underdressed, people will take note – even if they don’t do so consciously.

Drive Safely

The quality of your driving is a factor that you might not be aware of. After all, it’s considered personally insulting by many to criticise someone’s driving. Thus, if your driving isn’t all that it might be, you might go for months or even years without having the problem brought to your attention. The best way to deal with this is to be proactive. Think about the speed you’re driving at, and the smoothness with which you take corners. When things are smooth, speedy, and safe, you’ll get repeat custom. When things aren’t, you won’t.

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