The Top 5 Security Features for Your Car

Your car is one of the most valuable things that you own so it makes sense to make it as secure and safe as possible – this makes it harder for thieves to steal it. Here are a few tips from Trackershop on how to keep your car safe.

Fit a Tracking Device

A car tracker is the most effective way to ensure the safety of your car and to recover it quickly should someone try to steal it. Most trackers work using GPS or Galileo satellite technology to accurately monitor a vehicle’s movements and pinpoint a location in real-time. This is why if a car is stolen it is more likely to be recovered quickly using the information received from the tracker into a global control room and forwarded on to local police and recovery services. You can also monitor your car’s movements via an app on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With an extensive range of tracking devices on the market you can choose from a basic PAYG model up to a top of the range Category 5 Thatcham approved model.

If you decide to have a tracker fitted, choose an insurance approved device and fitter. That way you stand the best chance of protecting your car and your insurance company may well offer a discount on your insurance policy premium.

Car Immobiliser

If you own a car which doesn’t have a factory-fitted immobiliser, it’s worth getting one fitted. An immobiliser won’t prevent your car from being broken into but it will stop it from being driven away because it prevents the engine from being started without the proper key. All new cars now have immobilisers fitted as standard but if you drive an older or classic car it could be worth having one retrofitted to avoid the devastation of losing your pride and joy.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Many cars are fitted with expensive alloy wheels and larger vehicles have bigger, more expensive tyres which can cost an average of around £200 a piece in some cases. This is why tyres and rims are so often a target for thieves who will then sell them on. Locking wheel nuts make it extremely difficult if not impossible for anyone to steal without a special tool and if they do attempt to steal your rims locking wheel nuts can make the job considerably slower and more risky for them.

Car Alarm

Car alarms, although irritating when they go off in the early hours of the morning, can still be a deterrent to opportunist thieves. Although an alarm may not prevent a break-in it will still make a thief think twice if he believes that sound of an alarm going off will draw attention to his activities. Some car alarm systems come with an alert system, either via a mobile phone app or pager, which will alert you to any suspicious activity around your motor.

Steering Lock, Gear Stick Locks, Handbrake Locks and Wheel Clamps

These relatively cheap devices are still effective at putting off any opportunist thieves who will think twice if they have to set about trying to cut any of these off your car in order to steal it. Buy the most expensive of these that you can as this means they will be much tougher and better, hard-wearing quality than cheaper ones.

Finally, don’t forget to hide any valuables when you leave your car; better still take them with you. And make sure you always put all your security devices in place no matter how long it takes. Lock everything, arm your alarm/immobiliser and login to your tracker app for ultimate security.

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